The Heart of a Shepherd Introduction


The heart of a mom is the heart of a shepherd. A mom’s children are her “flock”. Just as God is our protective, loving caregiver, a mom is the vigilant, graceful faith trainer of the “lambs” that have been entrusted to her care.

“The Heart of the Shepherd” Bible devotionals are written to engage, invite, and equip the hearts of moms. First, to receive the fulfillment of David’s inspiring teachings hidden in his 150 Psalms of the Bible and second, to provide insightful tools for the mom to use as she shepherds her flock with the same qualities and characteristics she receives from God.

“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1)
My hope is that the treasures hidden in them, the most famous songs ever written, will become yours in abundance as you enjoy each devotional study. You may choose to do the studies alone, with a friend, or even with your own children after they enter their teenage years.

My prayer is that your walk with The Shepherd will be more intimate with each devotional you enjoy!

               -Joe White